A1A Aleworks, 1 King Street, Saint Augustine, FL 32084, (Mid Range Dining Full Bar)

Good beer made on premise. They have a dry coffee ground like stout that only a mother could love...well and me, I love it too.  Best beer I ever had?  Nope, but it’s on the good list.  Drinking up a hunger? Try the snack type foods and wings and so forth. The entree menu is a bit too complicated for me while I'm there for a drink or two, but it looked good going by.  It’s a great place over-all that books good bands and singers as a real plus as well.  If you get a chance to see "Tony O" sing his brand of jazzy blues don't miss it.  This place is a don’t pass if you are in St. Augustine.

Bold City Brewery, 2670 Rosselle St, Jacksonville, FL 32204 (Micro Brewery/tap room with light food)

Bold City makes some really nice core beers and does a very nice job of blending in special brews. My favorite is Duke's Brown Ale. Bold City also has a nice little tap room which has a old school tavern feel to it. They have food, but I have never had a bite of it. Bold City is a must stop while you are in Jacksonville.

Buffalo's Southwest Cafe, 6055 Youngerman Circle, Jacksonville, FL 32255 (Casual Dining & Full Bar)

The Boozeman spent some time at Buffalo's Southwest Cafe in Jacksonville on a Wednesday night.  Yes, it's corporate, but I was in luck.  Wednesday at Buffalo's is "Bike Night".  If you can't have a good time at Buffalo's on Bike Night you're trying not to have a good time.  The beer and the live music flows and there's almost a carnival atmosphere that's hard to beat.  Hmmm, let's see; full bar, live music, good food, and fun people.  Sounds like the place to be whether you have a bike or not.  Buffalo's is also great about being a good citizen.  You'll find them raising money and awareness for different very worthy charities and causes.  Their number is 904-778-1101 if you want to hear more.

Dick’s Wings & Grill, 7749 Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32221 (Casual Dining Beer Only)

SORRY, Operation closed down.  Too bad, it was a great place.

Do you like beer and wings in a family friendly atmosphere?  If so you’ll like Dick’s Wings & Grill on the Westside of Jacksonville.  Although all of the Dick’s Wings locations can boast many varieties of great wings, this location does one better with great specials and happy hours.  We highly recommend buying a V.I.P Card (Good at the Normandy location only.) for a nominal cost.  As of the end of 2008, this magic card allows its’ carrier “Any Time” happy hour specials!  Our personal favorite is the two for one pitchers, we’re cardholder number seventy-six.  Combine great wings, great beer specials, and great service and you get a regular stop shouldn’t miss.

Flagler Beach Motel and Vacation Rentals
1820 South Oceanshore Boulevard
Flagler Beach, FL 32136
(386) 517-6700

Don’t want to set the world on fire on your next weekend or vacation getaway? The Flagler Beach Motel is the definite ‘go to’. This old Florida jewel of a place is the perfect destination for rest, relaxation, and beach going. The rentals are comfortable, clean, and all are just steps to the beach. Each unit has a fully equipped kitchen right down to the coffee filters. Just bring yourselves and food if you want to cook instead of dine out. The manager Peggy and all of the staff make each guest feel like family. The outdoor pool and common areas are filled with tables and seating to make just hanging out enjoyable and making new friends a breeze. This place has a ton of positives and is a great place to de-stress and let your guard down. If you are a cell phone junky take note, the cell reception in the Flagler Beach area sucks. Of course, for some getaways, I like it that way.

Keg & Coin​, 1271 King St, Jacksonville, FL 32204 (Beer Arcade)

This place is great if you like old school arcade games (and who doesn't?) and love a good selection of beer (and who doesn't).  Keg & Coin maintains a very nice selection of tap beers that rotate all the time and a good number of can and bottle beers.  If you can't find something you like, you are trying not to find something. One word of warning.  With as many arcade games and Keg & Coin has jammed in there, the place is in no way quite when they are busy.  If you can see yourself having a good time playing arcade games and drinking good beer, the Keg & Coin is a place you should visit.  

Kristin’s on The River, 2511 Blanding Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32210 (Casual Dining & Full Bar)

Looking for a place on Jacksonville’s Westside to spend a delightful afternoon sipping a drink on a comfortable deck, eating appetizers, and gazing at passing boats on the river?  You would be well served to try Kristin’s on the River.  With a good menu, full service bar, and a boat dock to add to the treat, this place is hard to beat.  They even have a sand volleyball court built in for extra fun for groups.  We visited the place twice one Saturday in the end of October to get a feel for both the afternoon and the evening.  I’m happy to say both were comfortable and fun.  There was live entertainment for the night crowd and still plenty of drink and chat areas left if singing with the band isn’t your bag.   Good bar, good service, good food, and well managed, were high points.  Just make the seating a tad more comfy in the deck area, and they would have a hard time getting rid of me.  For sure I will be going back.

Mi Casa Cafe, 69 Saint George Street, Saint Augustine, FL 32084 (Casual Dining Beer & Wine Bar)

The Boozeman wants you to picture yourself sitting at an outdoor café on a mild Saturday afternoon, listening to great live acoustic music, drinking an ice-cold beer, eating good food, and enjoying wonderful conversation.  Don’t have that kind of imagination?  Sucks to be you, you may want to take a class for it.  There is hope for you though.  Head to Mi Casa in St. Augustine and live the dream.  The Boozebabe and I spent enjoyable time there and were fortunate enough to meet the owner, Marni (like Barney) Brotherhood, in the process.  Marni is the type of owner that is genuinely happy to meet you and it shows in her eyes.  Anyone can force a smile, but no one can make his or her eyes lie.  It is plain Marni truly enjoys running the place and appreciates her customers.  Don’t walk by this place, it's great for afternoon and early evening fun.  I snuck a picture in on our "about us" page for you to take a peek.

The Monterey Inn, Saint Augustine Florida  HOTEL REVIEW

There are plenty of great places to stay in St. Augustine Historic District, but my money goes to the Monterey Inn.  This is not a brand new hotel with the latest and greatest of anything.  What they do have is location, location, location!  Added to that, the place is clean, comfortable, and is steps away from everything, including great bars and the Bay Front Restaurant which has great breakfasts that I love year after year.  When I do the St. Augustine drunk-n-stumble fest, the Monterey is where you will find me.

Morgan's Saloon, 6419 San Juan Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32210-2855 (Beer and Wine Bar)

With a ton of help from Gator City Taxi, bless their hearts, the Booze Crew was out and about on a recent Friday night.  We stumbled across a great little place called Morgan’s Saloon which was pleasant surprise.  This little place is as close to the fun and friendly neighborhood bar you remember with fond thoughts as you will find anywhere.  The Beer was cold, the people were great, and the Karaoke was a blast.  Cathy Powers, the attending bartender, was good at what she did and The Boozeman never wanted for a drink.  When one drink was gone I could count on another being on its’ way.  As further testament to Cathy’s skill, not to mention the good humor of the other patrons, the Booze Crew was train wreck waiting to happen from the minute we walked in the door.  Cathy and the crowd handled our group with skill so a really good time could be had by all.  Morgan’s is with no doubt the kind of place it would be easy to become a regular.  

Oceanside Beach Bar & Grill (Casual Dining Full Bar)
1848 South Oceanshore Boulevard
Flagler Beach, FL 32136
(386) 439-6345

Just 125 steps away from the Flagler Beach Motel and vacation rentals reviewed on this page is the Oceanside Beach Bar and Grill. The food is good, the service is absolutely off the chain, and the location is awesome for beach front dining. Their menu has plenty of choices and the few times I was there each meal was great. One thing you won’t want to miss is just one click south on the “Oh my God-o-meter” of beacon. This place has fried cheese as an appetizer! How cool is that. They bring out this sizzling pan of cheese and light it on fire. There’s no need to head uptown for a good meal in Flagler Beach, this place does quite well. They have a DJ playing some elevator music, but he is a non factor as the music is low. The rumor is they are adding on and are going to upgrade the entertainment. Once that’s complete, there will be no better place on the beach.  Of course as with most places I visit, I think it needs more beer taps.

O’Kanes Irish Pub & Eatery, 318 Centre Street, Fernandina Beach, FL (Casual Dining and Full Bar)

The Boozeman and Boozebabe made a stop at this little interesting place in the historic section of Fernandina Beach.  Although the place is called O’Kanes, the bartender’s last name was O’Day, and they poured a pint of Guinness just right, this is not your classic Irish pub.  This version does attempt keeping the décor looking “Irish pub”, but has been watered down to a Americanized sort of beach town version, but the beer was good.
Now on to the good stuff; this is a “should stop” on The Boozeman’s list.   Along with having a good waiter named Scott who guided us through beer and food must haves, the food in this place was a treat.  Items like Shepherds Pie, Steak and Guinness Pie, Corned Beef and Cabbage, and Bangers and Mash (Irish sausage, mashed potatoes and gravy) make this a great place to have a few and eat a great meal.  Of course The Boozebabe and I couldn’t eat everything on the menu, but our food was great and we heard raves from the people around us.

Pelican Pub, 2085 A1A S 101, St Augustine, FL 32080

There are times in a person's life having a cold beer comes to mind and nothing else will do. I experienced this while in St. Augustine FL and walked through the door of the 'Pelican Pup' on a recent Saturday afternoon as a result. Pelican Pub doesn't have fifty taps of microbrews and they don't brew their own beer. The Pelican Pub is a classic local neighborhood hangout with pool tables, darts, and oh yes, cold fother mucking beer. They offer some bar food, but my thirst shined brighter than my hunger.  The bartender was good and the regular customers were really cool people. There was a charity dart tournament happening when I was there, so you know their hearts are in the right spot too. All of the 'elbow inn' normal taps were there plus one or two rotating special brews.  All in all, if you are looking for the quintessential neighborhood bar to hang out in, the Pelican Pub is a good one.  

Post and King Street, Jacksonville FL 32204

Post and King Street is not a business, it is an area you can find a few great places to hang out at. If you have never been to the Post & King area in Jacksonville, go.  There is Kickbacks which is a gastropub with a huge selection of beers (some out door seating) The Garage which has good food and a great bar, and the prize here is the outdoor seating in hotspot central.  Across the Street from The Garage is Brewz which if often crowded, bring your patience and your thirst.  The beer selection is smart and plentiful, the staff is great, and the atmosphere is fun.  

Hungry? Head one block down to Carmine's Pie House. The highlight here is the food, but they do have a number of microbrews to brag about too. Yes they have a few good beers, but the food is what will keep you coming back. Pizza to Pasta, all done exceptionally well. Carmines is one of my regular stops and will turn into one for you as well. Don't take my favorite booth!  What is the best part about Post and King?  All of these places are an easy stroll from each other.  Oh yeah, The Keg & Coin I reviewed at an earlier time is right down the street.

The Retro Palms Hotel  HOTEL REVIEW
28 Sherry Drive
Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233
904-241-7776  www.palmsretro.com

Have you ever spent time talking with your spouse about how you would run a hotel if you had the chance?  Someone else beat you to it.  Hidden two blocks back from the the beach in Atlantic Beach Florida is The Palms Hotel Retro Hotel.  This funky theme based ten room hotel is a jewel.   The cool factor on this place is through the roof and the innkeeper resident managers Wes and Cindy back it up with the absolute best and friendly personal touches you could want.  From bottled water in the room frig to a ready to make pack of popcorn to enjoy while watching a DVD they will loan you to watch in your room.  Each room has a theme.  Ours was Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with plenty of matching décor to support the theme.  The location couldn’t be better.  Just far enough out from the hustle and noise of the local hotspots to not be bothered by them, but just a short stroll to get to them when you want to.  If you like the charm of vintage old Florida hotels, you will love this one.  This small hotel has a court yard that is enchanting to sit in to have a glass of wine and a cigar, is comfortable, clean, and well equipped rooms.  This is sure to be a new ‘go to’ for the Boozebabe and me when in Atlantic Beach Florida.  All the comforts of a mega chain with all the charm feeling of being welcomed that only fine innkeepers can offer.  

Although there is plenty of good nightlife and eating while in Atlantic Beach don’t miss:

Poe’s Tavern for a great Bloody Mary and open air drinking and eating, 

The Island Girl Cigar Bar for a great cigar bar, they have good humidor, friendly staff, as well as a comfortable place to enjoy a La Gloria Cubana ‘R’ series, yes they stocked them. (Beer and Wine Only) 

Head to Ragtime Tavern & Seafood for good craft beers, good food, and to see be seen.  If you don’t like loud, this is not the place for you.

The Lemon Bar is a must for open air partying at the beach.  It’s the place to be on Saturday afternoon.   

Rendezvous Restaurant, 106 Saint George Street, Saint Augustine, FL 32084 (Limited Casual Dining Beer Only)

Nice little hole in the wall with a taste for good beer. Hip kids wait the tables and it is not the typical warehouse type of place. Can't find a good import or micro beer to drink while in St. Augustine? Try this place; it's worth looking for. 

Saint George Tavern, 116 Saint George Street, Saint Augustine, FL 32084 (Limited Food Full Bar)

Great Bar!  Do you remember the Tavern your father fell in love with 35 years ago? This is it...plenty of personality here from the wooden booths carved up with years of initials to the old style bar manned with a bartender who knows what they are doing. I drank my fill of Guinness Stout on tap...yes, it was poured right, and never once had to do anything but make eye contact with the hustling bartender to have another stout poured, and I was in a booth! There is bar food when you drink up a hunger..e.g. burgers, nachos, and so forth which aren’t bad. Here's the big one...I smoked a cigar with the pub's blessing! Yes...you can light up in St. George Tavern. In the state of Soviet Florida this is a big deal.  It's easy to see the tavern is well under the limit of food verses alcohol sales to allow smoking.  St. George Tavern was filled with tourists and locals with an easy going feel about things.  I'll be going back again and again... 

Salt Life Food Shack, St Augustine, FL ​

Salt Life is not a beer snob's dream so don't go there expecting a high brow beer selection. Salt Life is more of a hotspot beachy restaurant that serves well done corporate kind of food with a dynomite atmosphere, really good service, and an overall great experience.  If you are, or have visitors, from out of state, Salt Life Food Shack is a must go. The food is good and the place screams Florida lifestyle.

Tom & Betty’s Restaurant, 4409 Roosevelt Blvd. (Roosevelt Plaza), Jacksonville, FL, (Casual Dining Full Bar)

Tom & Betty’s is a west Jacksonville staple favored by young and old alike.  With good food and a full service bar that knows how to make a drink, it will quickly become your favorite.  Say Hi to my favorite bartender Brian, he will mix your drink and it will be just right.  You’ll love their every-day drink specials 
like $1 domestic drafts and $2.50 well drinks.  You’ll find plenty to do there as well.  From Live bands, to Texas Hold’em Poker night and Karaoke night you always find something going on to have fun.

New Orleans

I can’t list all of the great places to stay, eat, drink, and be entertained in the French Quarter. I would run out of bandwidth. Although I will list three out of the way places that are not legendary like The House of Blues or Mothers, but I was nicely surprised by.

The Westin New Orleans Canal Place ‎
100 Iberville Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

This hotel is in the lineup for two reasons, location and staff. As with many hotels in its price point, it is comfortable and well appointed with a nice rooftop pool. What makes the hotel stand out is the great and friendly staff ready to help with a smile at any given moment. This includes gently making sure over-achieving partiers get to the elevator safely. The location is great as it is at the bottom of Canal Street which is close enough to the hotspots to make it an easy walk, but far enough away you don’t have to deal with the byproducts of Bourbon Street. If you have ever smelled Bourbon Street first thing in the morning you know what I mean. Try the French Quarter on Halloween; it’s a ton of fun.

Galatoire's 33 Bar & Steak 
215 Bourbon Street
New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 335-3932

This is a very very good place to grab a steak. Our meal here was outstanding without exception. This is not casual dining. No shorts and tee shirts. Evenings and Sundays a jacket is required.  

Kerry Irish Pub 
331 Decatur Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 527-5954

Not the fanciest place in the world, but a great place to stop for a few drinks and entertainment not in the middle of the Bourbon Street madness. When we were there it was Irish music that was very well done and we had a blast. If they happen to find out you are Irish, they will pour your wife drinks that will demolish her in short order. You can ask the Boozebabe on that subject. Step inside on a hot day and spend some time there. You won’t be sorry.


Alfredo's Pizza Cafe 1040 S Washington Ave, Scranton, PA 18505 (Mid Range Dining and Full Bar)

Alfredo’s is a must stop for the Boozeman and Boozebabe when near Scranton.  This comfortable Italian themed restaurant and bar serves some of the best pizza the Boozeman has ever had.  Their square pie is an American cheese based Old Forge style pizza that you’ll either love or hate.  If their pizza is not your taste, fear not.  Alfredo’s also serves other great food from wings to veal scaloppini with hunters sauce.  Need one more reason to stop here?  How about a well stocked bar with a love for martini specials.  Although the Boozeman is a purest when it comes to martinis, you have to appreciate a place that makes almost forty types of martinis from the real deal to a coconut cream pie martini.

Damon's Grill, 820 Northern Blvd, Clarks Summit, PA 18411 (Mid Range Dining and Full Bar) 

Can corporate go right?  As you can tell by the Boozeman’s other reviews, the preferred stops for food and drink are free standing independent restaurants, taverns, and bars.  Here’s an exception.  While traveling with the Boozebabe we ended up in Damon’s Grill in Clarks Summit, PA.  Damon’s being located right next to the Ramada Inn we were staying at had much to do with our choice.  Damon’s, with their huge TV’s all around sports theme, was exceptionally well run and hit every point the franchise could dream of.  Even with a healthy crowd, the service was great, the bar well stocked, the food was well prepared, and the property was well decorated and clean.  I’m giving a big “attaboy” to the GM and the team of this franchise for a job well done.  Special touch for the Boozeman was the bartender Frank.  On only my second visit to Damon’s, Frank remembered me and Boozebabe, our preferred drink, and with a nod Frank set about the task of getting us our drinks.  We will be going back when in the area.

The Ramada Inn, Clarkes Summit, PA  HOTEL REVIEW

Okay, yep, it’s a chain hotel.  You can expect it to be as comfortable as any of the Ramada chain.  With that said, we make it a point to stay there when in the area.  The same people have been greeting us there year after year and they strive for customer service and making me feel welcome.  The staff there even has the tact needed to escort a beer buzzed man out of a wedding he crashed with everyone being happy, the crasher and the wedding!  Thanks Frank!  Okay, I would like to promise I won’t crash another, but I just can’t. 

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All reviews will be our straight forward opinions. Can we miss the mark?  Sure, we may not have the same tastes as you.  Always check more then one review, or better yet, your own due diligence may best serve you.  Do you know of a great place?  Send in your own review!  If it works for us, will throw it in!  

Since time passes and things change, one, two, or all of the places listed may be a different name or even gone completely. While checking these placed out could be fun, don't plan a vacation around that I say.  Check it out yourself first.

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Hi Mr Boozeman,

I was to a seminar in Freeport, Maine.  I thought of your website.I know you would love this bar/tavern we went to.   The ( best I ever had) cheapest ever margarita's only $1.99.  Casual dining with good eats.

If your ever up north a definite place to eat at and have a casual cocktail. Please post this on your site of nice places.  I like the Irish thing going on there.  Keep safe and off the roads when cock-tailing.  

Best Regards,
Jennifer Erin O

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You have to love a review that comes with pictures!  This review was gifted by Booze Life friend Jennifer Erin O.  Jen does her fair share of traveling so you can benefit from her good taste.  Now if I could only stop her from calling me MR. Boozeman, she would be perfect!  Yes, of course she's Irish.
The Boozeman