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Hyundai Sucks Page!
I, like so many I have read about, think Hyundai sucks.  Hyundai Motor America does not honor the warranty they brag about in commercial after commercial on television.  Below I will share my story as well as post stories I find on the web.  

Keep in mind the information in the stories I find on the web are not verified and may not be accurate or the opinion of this website.

Be wary of America’s Best Warranty.  If the automaker selling a warranty with the car won’t honor it, why not make it a million mile warranty?  The 100,000 mile warranty Hyundai lures its' customer in with is more often not honored when warranty work is needed.

It's time to share with each other why Hyundai sucks.  If you would like to share your story, please send it in an e-mail to
E-mailed from Susan on February 02, 2017

THIS MISERABLE COMPANY CHARGED ME $400 BECAUSE I DIDNT RENEW MY LEASE. THEY CHARGED ME FOR EARLY RETURNING THE CAR. I PAID THE LEASE OFF IN ADVANCE. I PAID IN JANUARY THE LEASE WAS UP IN OCTOBER ON THE 12TH OF OCTOBER. I RETURNED THE CAR ON THE 16TH AND I’M BEING PENALIZED FOR BEING RESPONSIBLE AND PAYING MY DEBTS EARLY. I LOST MY JOB, MY APARTMENT, HEALTH INSURANCE. While I still had good credit I got a personal loan and consolidated my bills. I paid off everything and hynduia is the only company to charge me for doing the right thing. I will NEVER< NEVER lease of buy a car from this crappy heartless shit company. They are the worst company out there. The car I leased with them prior, I was in a terrible car accident, my car was totaled. So I leased a new car from them. Even after leasing a new car they called me over and over every day for almost 2 months to tell me I was late on my payment on the car that was totaled. I was out of work for 6 weeks they drove me insane! The worst company on the planet. No compassion and just plain stupid. There staff, stupid. Even after explaining to these morons that the car no longer existed they told me to pay it anyway and I would get the money back after I proved the car was totaled. Im supposed to pay 2 car payments?? Im out of work!!! Making one car payment was hard enough. I sent them pictures of the car and a letter from my insurance company and they still harassed me. I went back to work and they still harassed me. STUPID> SNAKE OF A COMPANY!! Stay clear of this dishonorable company.


E-Mailed to us December 18, 2015

I had a leak in the boot by the right front axle. They refused to honor the warranty as they called it a seep and they did not check the axle.

I went on the outside and found out the axle needed replacing, when I went to get reimbursed they denied that also, saying ti was denied the first time and they couldn't change it. Beware, beware, beware.


E-Mailed to us on September 23, 2015

Hi, Just found your blog HYUNDAI SUCKS and am in total agreement. We have had a terrible problem because our engine failed at 75,000 miles and they will not honor their warranty. Here is the letter summing it all up that I sent the Hyundai Consumer Affairs people. Their response was only that our claim was still denied. 

Re: 2012 Sonata Engine 2.4 liter Theta II GDI 74,841 miles

Our problem began on Friday, July 10th. I was nearly home from work and my engine suddenly began to make a terrible sound and lose power. I checked the dash and there were no warning lights (I have never had a warning light come on at all in this car for any reason) so I parked the car. We did not attempt to use the car that weekend and had the car towed to our Dealership – Legacy Hyundai of McDonough (which is also a Ford dealership).

We asked for a loaner or rental car at the time the car got to the dealership but were told that the dealership did not handle rental cars and that they did not have a loaner car available but would let us know when a loaner came in. They advised that I would have to rent a car at my own expense and then “deal with Hyundai about it” once my car was repaired if I needed a car immediately. I rented a vehicle that next Monday morning so that I could go to work. There were numerous requests from us to acquire a loaner car but each time, we were told that they were all loaned out and that the dealership could not help us with a rental.

A few days after the car was towed to the dealer, we were told that we would hear back about our car once the technician had time to look at it. We didn’t hear back within a day or so – so we called the dealership (repeated attempts were required to reach our service writer). They advised that our car needed an engine and that we should not worry about it because it was covered under warranty - so they had submitted a claim to Hyundai. By the next day, we were also told that the claim had been approved by the “Hyundai Rep” who just happened to bring their own car in for a repair and the engine was ordered and would arrive in a few days. We waited 3 days and when we didn’t hear back from the dealership, we called again. We had to call multiple times and leave messages again in order to finally reach our service writer (Ricky). We were then told that the engine takes more than 2-3 days to arrive so it would be another week. After waiting another week, we began calling the dealership again and after multiple attempts to reach someone, we were finally told that “Hyundai Corporate” had now requested pictures to be taken of our engine and that the technician would be taking the engine apart to send these pictures. We were also advised that an engine never was ordered several days before when we were told that it was. Again, we waited – paying for a rental car all the while because no loaner car was available.

After another day or so, we began calling to try to reach someone at the dealership who could give us some information about our car. We were told that our warranty claim had been denied. We asked why and they stated “customer neglect” but could not tell us what we supposedly neglected to do. The dealership said we would have to contact Hyundai for that information and that they were charging us for the technician’s work to break down the engine to send to the pictures requested by Hyundai and put it back together. We also had to pay to have it towed back to our home to avoid daily storage fees at the dealership.

We asked for the name and phone number of the “Rep” and they wouldn’t provide that information. My husband called the Hyundai Assurance number and inquired about next steps. They took some information and said that they would investigate our case and that someone would get back to him by phone. No one ever called him. After another week he called them back and the representative stated that we were still denied and that we would be receiving an official “denial letter”. He also recommended that we contact the Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs and gave him the contact information to do so. We never received a letter at all, however, after another week or so, I received a call from a Hyundai representative who told me that our claim was still denied. I asked why and she told me that it was because the dealer stated that we had not provided any service records. This was quite a surprise since no one had even asked us for service records up to this point. NO ONE at the dealership or at Hyundai had requested service records. She asked me if we had records and I told her that we did. She advised that we take the receipts to the dealership and “re-open” the claim. We were unable to reach anyone at the dealership to see if we could fax or email the receipts – we were also calling the service manager, Justin Murray, by this point – so we personally delivered our receipts to the dealer. The person who took the receipts stated that he would get them to the Service Manager and the Service Manager would call us.

Again, we waited. When we were able to reach the service manager at the dealership again, he advised that our claim was still denied. This is really upsetting for us because we have had the oil changed on that car every 4 months since we have owned it. No one at the dealership or at Hyundai has been able to tell us what we supposedly neglected. They just insist that our warranty claim is denied and that they are not honoring their warranty.

This has led us to do a little research and it only took a few key strokes to find out that there are multiple law suits in progress with Hyundai involved with this exact engine and the sudden catastrophic failure of it with no warning nor warning lights. People all over the world are telling the same story…. And in many, many instances, Hyundai denied the warranty claim for “customer neglect” even though the customer had proof of proper servicing. Hyundai’s reputation of honoring their warranties is taking a beating.

We have loved our Sonata up to this point. In fact, this is the second new Hyundai that I have purchased (Tiburon) and was considering the purchase of a Santa Fe as well. Needless to say, this has really soured our opinion of the company, it’s business practices, it’s integrity, and it’s products. We are very disappointed in the company that we trusted to have “America’s Best Warranty”. That is one of the main reasons we bought the Sonata.

My cousin is a Parts manager at a Hyundai dealership in another state and we sought advice from her prior to moving forward. She advised that they have had to replace a lot of these same engines for the same problem and that I should contact your office with this – since this seems to be a wide-spread issue with these engines.

We are not a litigious family and would much rather solve this issue without the use of the legal system and class action lawsuits. Please advise.

Kathryn *********


E-Mailed to us April 10, 2015

Here is my story hopefully you will post on your blog. I am trying to post bad things about Hyundai all over the internet.

I bought a brand new Hyundai Sonata 2015 on February 28,2015 from World Car Hyundai Nort, San Antonio, TX. On March 31, 2015 the 

car broke in the middle of the road, engine has overheated.So I called the towing company and transport the car to the dealer for 

diagnose. The following day I called them to ask about the car and they told me ''we need to replace the entire engine in order 

to fix it''.Dealer will fix it under warranty but that is not acceptable for me, for a car that was on the road literally 1 month 

and has only 1000 miles. This option may make the car drivable but still impairs the value of the vehicle.I opened a case with 

Hyundai and BBB Auto Line, but Hyundai said no for replacement of the car or repurchase they want to replace the engine.I refuse 

to have a "used car" how dealer put it, with a replaced engine that most likely will be remanufactured new engine even if they 

sustain is going to be new out of the fatory.I know they can say whatever to me just to get me out of their back.If I want that I 

will buy a used cheap car, buy a new engine and I will have a used car with a new engine way cheaper, without a high monthly 

payment for the next 7 years. Car value right now , dropped about 30% with a replaced engine it will drop even more around 50% or 

lower depends on mileage down the road. So I am paying for a new car with a major repair and who knows what are problems this car 

has. This car is a lemon but dealer or manufactured trying to get away with it and make the customer supporting all this. I am 

making monthly payments for a car that is not operational, and dealer told me the problem is out of their hands. What they are 

doing now, they are trying to trade the broke car for the curent market value, and make me buy another one. They don't want to 

refund me or give me another functional new car out of the parking lot. On April 6 I went back to the dealer to ask for a phone 

number to call Hyundai regional office they told they don't have it, in the same day I asked them for a copy of the service 

worksheet to see exactly what they did to diagnose the car, they refused to do so. I had to go around them to someone else to ask 

for a copy of that paper, really? So much for customer care, they just don't care. Pretty much they took the money and now they 

are washing they hands trying to fix a lemon car. I had to get the phone number for regional office from the internet myself and 

get in touch with them. On April 9 Hyundai regional office called me with some options and I was willing to consider two of them, 

but I had to talk with the dealer for one of them. So I went to the dealer and find out that they fixed my car without my 

approval or signature, they also broke the car hood, they bent it and bent and scrat a portion of the car body. They also already 

ordered the hood and everything else to fix the car, again without me approving anything or them calling me and let me know what 

is happening with my car. Dealership manager said verbally they will keep the car there and they will work with Hyundai to give 

me a new one, hard to believe. After two weeks we are more in whole with my brand new car and no good resolution for me the 

client. So far the repairs of the car cost a bit over 9000$ listed as part not as engine. Who knows how much will be with a new 

hood, body repair and paint. They also refuse to give me any copies of the service records, they told me I will have them when I 

will sign to take the car. They are doing crappy things there and Hyundai doesn't care.Now my only resort is to go to court which 

I will. Buying a Hyundai was the worse decision I have made. Hyundai is the worse car I have ever own.

Warm regards,


E-Mailed to us January 27th 2015

Took my car in twice to two different dealerships (I'm in the US) for a problem with my touch screen while under warranty. Both claimed to have applied software update. 

Problem began again, third dealer informed me that neither of the other two had performed the update as promised and the radio is not out of warranty.

Now Hyundai will NOT fix the problem even though worked said to be done under warranty was not performed.

What good is a warranty if the mfg. will not honor it!?!?! 

Like the car, finally found a good dealership for service but Hyundai just lost a customer. 


E-Mailed to us June 23, 2014

Christine offers a little guidance in her e-mail. 

In your warranty manual you will find directions instructing you on how to file a complaint concerning your vehicle. If you request, you can be offered an arbitration hearing. These hearings do not cost you any out of pocket money. It will take your time to gather your repair history to prove your case. This is a process mandated by the Federal Trade Commission.
Also, your individual state’s attorney general’s office may monitor the case.

You may well be frustrated with the performance of your vehicle. If you should have a lemon, the law is in place to help you. If the Manufacturer is in breach of contract, the law is in place to help you.

Tires are not warranted by the manufacturer.

Yes, there are parts on the vehicle that are not covered by warranty.

Read your warranty carefully. 

E-Mailed to us April 17, 2014

My Hyundai Tucson is by far the worst car I have ever owned and it is also the Newest! I have a 2007 Tucson I bought certified pre-owned in 2010. One month after I bought it the cooling fan belt "warped" and slashed into the radiator and i needed to replace the entire radiator, fan assembly and "since it was due" the timing belt, so 1500 dollars later I still have a car payment! Not covered by their "amazing" warranty. The mechanic said to me "these things happen, it's a wearable part, it's not meant to last the life of the vehicle. Hyundai's stupid warranty is non-transferable to second owners and covers, well nothing! Outside of the engine blowing up while its sitting in your driveway, it's useless! Next the roof rack completely failed, cross-bar snapped with less than the 100 lbs. It says it can hold! Now; Oh yes, there's more! The windshield wipers won't work, not a fuse, not wiring; the damn electric motor is fried! Yeah, only 7 years old, I drove a 1972 Toyota with the original damn wiper motor, it worked fine. $600 to fix the wipers! WTF! NEVER EVER BUY A HYUNDAI! NEVER!

Brett Lister

Denver, CO

E-Mailed to us on August 03, 2013

Hi..Short version of long story. I bought a brand new off the tractor & trailer 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo. I've made 9(yes 9) payments and the car is less than a year old.So well inside the 10 year/100000 mile warranty. The motor needs to be replaced. Hyundai wants $10,000.00 to fix my almost brand new car. WHAT!!  They will not honor the warranty. Car is just sitting there. A big pile of scrap metal. They are a big company taking advantage of a customer. I am a woman & my son(the driver) is a Marine & leaving in 5 days. I feel so helpless. Any help? I just can't believe this. One of the reasons we bought Hyundai was for the warranty. I feel like I have Sucker on my forehead.

Thank-you Angela

E-Mailed to us on December 11, 2012 

On Monday of last week (12/3), my husband was driving our 2007 Hyundai Entourage minivan to pick me up from work, after visiting a friend. 

I received a telephone call from him that the car had stalled and was overheating. We immediately called AAA to tow the car to Pep Boys to run a diagnostic on the car to see if it was something simple. Pep Boys had indicated that the car had a "blown head gasket". The mechanic at Pep Boys said that we needed to have the car towed to the Hyundai dealership because it was a warranty issue that would be covered (the cost of this would be in the range of $3,700.00 and we have a 10 year - 100,0000 mile power train warranty to cover things like this).
After having the car towed to Pacifico Hyundai at 6715 Essington Avenue, Philadelphia , PA, on Monday, the service department did not take take our vehicle into the shop until Thursday (stating that appointments come first). After waiting another day, we were informed by the service manager - "Keith" (215) 492-1700, on Friday morning (12/7) that it was definitely a blown head gasket and would be covered under our warranty. Keith was ordering the parts needed and indicated that the car would be done by Monday or Tuesday (today) at the latest. During this time, we had requested that we be provided with a "loner" car, the courtesy of which was usually extended if it was a warranty issue and the car was required to be in the shop for a long period of time. Time and time again, we were told there was nothing available. On Sunday night (12/9) we had no choice but to rent a car due to the fact that we had appointments that we could not get to through public transportation. We rented the car on Sunday (12/9) and will be returning it tonight (12/11) - which we have paid for out of our own pocket. On Monday night (last night), my husband received a telephone call from the service manager and Hyundai stating that now the "engine block" is bad and they were not going to honor their warranty due to the fact that "we kept driving the car when it was overheating"!!!! 
We have NEVER, EVER had any type of problem with this car, other than on 12/3 when the car stalled and overheated!!!! We never had any leaks, nor overheating,or ANYTHING AT ALL WRONG WITH THIS CAR!!! We never had any problems whatsoever with this car!! As soon as the car stalled THAT DAY (12/3) - when we had it towed - WAS OUR FIRST AND ONLY NOTICE THAT SOMETHING WAS WRONG!!!!!! And now, we're told that it's not going to be covered because of something that went wrong on 12/3 THE VERY DAY WE HAD THE CAR TOWED TO THE DEALERSHIP??? They keep telling us that "because we continued to drive it while it was overheating".... WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. NOTHING CAN BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!!!! This is just Hyundai's way of trying to get out of their warranty agreement!!!
We have had this car since 2007. We have been a one-owner family. We have taken care of this car like it was our baby. We brought it in for oil changes, etc. when required, did all the maintenance and upkeep that was required. And now we are told that this is not going to be covered because of something that is absolutely and unequivocally NOT our doing???? NO, this is absolutely unfair.

E-mailed to us on April 30, 2012

My Horrible Hyundai Experience

I am pleased to know that I am not the only one who has been scammed by Hyundai.  I am from Buffalo, NY and purchased my car through Northtown Hyundai/Subaru.  I had been taking my car to their service center and realized they were vandalizing my car.  They have broken my odometer, cigarette lighter plug-in (they ripped in completely out and returned the car as is),  Left cigarettes in the engine compartment (they were Dorals) and faultily installed a spark plug that caused a catastrophic reaction that melted through the heat shield.  

The worst was when my transmission went and they refused to honor it under warranty.  They tried to say it was due to non-maintenence.  I took it to a transmission shop not affiliated with Hyundai and had it fixed for a fraction of the price and was told that a faulty part was responsible.  I took this info back to Hyundai and asked them to match the warranty to which they replied, "It wasn't fixed by Hyundai, so it won't be matched."  Basically, we were going to rip you off, but since you had a second source call us out, we won't reimburse you for what we promised.  This is an evil corporation that needs to be stopped! 


E-mailed to us on November 28, 2011

(Since our site is crappy with link transfer, we have copied Brians posting from Yelp below.  If you wish to see Brian's Yelp posting simply copy and past the above link into your browser.  -The Boozeman)

I wrote a yelp review (See link above) about my poor experience with the warranty that is bragged about on TV.  It seems several other people have written negative reviews regarding the service at this Hyundai dealer.

My car is a 2009 Hyundai Genesis.

Ridiculous.  They need a class action lawsuit against their shady practices re: the warranty.

Absolutely retarded.

Thanks for creating the blog.

Below---Copied From Yelp 

This review is for the service center, and I will have to agree with other reviewers in that the service tech's are rude, poor mannered, and pretty much leave you with a feeling that they are trying to scam and overcharge you.  Definitely NOT the great customer satisfaction experience that is advertised by Hyundai as a company.

You know the phrase, "it's not so much what they say, but how they say it"? Well, the service department at Jim Ellis Hyundai definitely epitomize that in a very grand negative way.  I took my Hyundai Genesis, a prized jewel by the Hyundai company itself, into the service department after my brakes felt like they were malfunctioning (ie. brake pedal would press all way to the floor).  This is a major safety concern, as if the brakes stop working, well, I wouldn't be able to stop while driving.  I had hoped that the warranty that is so applauded on Television and magazine articles as being the nation's best would live up to the hype and that I would receive better service and a more courteous and pleasant experience.  Was that the case, NO, siree. I had the unfortunate opportunity to deal with the obnoxious service consultant, Joseph V, who was unhelpful and impolite from start to finish.  Here's my experience :

I called in to inquire about getting my brakes checked out after having been recommended by another retail brake shop to get the dealer to take a look at the problem, but upon talking with service rep, Joseph V., I was told that I would need to wait until 4 days later to get the brakes inspected.  I inquired how long an inspection usually took, and if a rental car would be provided so I could figure out transportation in the case that the car would need to stay overnight, to which he replied coldly & presumptuously, that he didn't know and would authorize a rental once a diagnosis was made.  Ok wise guy, that's strike 1 against your customer service skills.  I have an issue that compromises my and other people's safety and you are going to be smart about the whole ordeal and make me right off the bat feel uncomfortable about bringing my car in.  

After bringing in my car, I was greeted by another service consultant, Chris M., who seemed pretty helpful and obliging initially only to be cut off and handed off to "Bad news" Joseph V, who apparently was the person who answered my phone call a few days prior.  He sent off my car to the garage to begin the inspection, and after using their restroom, a nice and clean one by the way (+1), I reapproached Joseph to confirm and ask him if my car (2009 model) would be covered under the warranty.  He told me no. (So much for my rental I thought).  I asked him a few more questions about the warranty, and as I observed and felt how smart alec and unhelpful this guy really was, I then told him specifically, that I did not want to be charged for anything until I was given a specific quote for any work to be performed.  He told me getting the brakes checked out would cost over $100.  I told him, I was not going to pay that.  He made a phone call to the service mechanic and told him to bring my car back out.  The service tech said that something was definitely wrong with the brakes. "Thanks" I thought. 

Another problem I addressed was the Navigation unit on my car that was addressed several months prior and was a recall item.  Was I helped with that?  Unfortunately once again, not.  It should be noted, that my father had brought in the car for service after receiving a letter in the mail to get the Navigation unit updated at no cost (recall) due to problematic issues with the navigation software.  At that time, we were told that the problem would be corrected and to bring it back in at a later time.  When I went there today, the problem was not addressed nor corrected nor dealth with as promised.  Utter nonsense.  I left the Jim Ellis service center feeling pretty pissed.

I drove my car 2 miles down the street to Pro Auto Body who checked out the brakes and informed me that the problem was a failure of the master cylinder.  They said that the part itself would cost $300, but Hyundai would not sell that part by itself and would have to be purchased with another more expensive part (un-needed) which would raise the price to $700-$800.  I did not pay to have them tell me this.  I will be getting my brakes and pretty much all car related work (that I can't do myself) taken care of by Pro Auto Body.

Conclusion: Do I like the the Hyundai Genesis?  Yes.  It is much better ride than previous Hyundai's that I've experienced,.  Are they durable?  Hmm.. that is questionable.  Would I get another one in the future or recommend a Hyundai to my friends and family?  After having had such a negative and cold experience with service, I really can not say.  Definitely not from Jim Ellis Hyundai anyway.  Buyers beware.

Update : Did a google search on "Hyundai Warranty" and found this. Ugh.  http://www.boozelife.c...

E-Mailed to us on August 19, 2011

Warning to the masses:

DO NOT BUY HYUNDAI! They DO NOT stand behind their warranty. The warranty process from them is a scam. There is no such thing as a 100K/10 year warranty. It does not cover ANYTHING!

I purchased 3 vehicles from Hyundai in 2006 and 2007 and they have yet to warranty ANY SINGLE ITEM on any of the cars, including the transmission on one and the engine on another. Paint cracked and peeled at 25k on one, "Not warranty". Headlamp covers completely smoked on another after 30K. "Not Warranty". A/C on one at 32K, 'Not Warranty". 55K, internal engine part failed. "Not Warranty".

I actually was cussed at by one of their "Customer Satisfaction Specialists" yesterday. Unfreakin believable!

Hyundai does not have customers, they have “Victims”.

If this post will prevent just ONE person from becoming a Hyundai victim, I will have helped.

Kevin Quesenberry

My wife and I purchased a new Sonata in 2002.  To date it has been a suitable car with some quality issues (paint peeling off, rattles, and latches not working properly) with a reasonable repair history.  We got what we paid for.  The comfort of knowing we had a 100,000 warranty made the quality issues easier to swallow.

To insure America's Best Warranty was kept in force, the required maintenance schedule was followed e.g. oil changes, timing belt, drive belts, and so forth with the receipts being maintained.

On Thursday December 17, 2009 my wife was driving the vehicle when she heard what she described as a clunk and the car stopped running.  The car was towed to Hyundai of Orange Park in Jacksonville Florida.  Since the car has 93,488 miles on it, the power train warranty is still in force.  The dealership informed me there would be a $105 fee to diagnose the problem if in fact was not a warranty issue. 

After inspection it was deemed the “balance belt” had broken which stopped the oil pump which of course blew the motor.  I was informed it would not be covered under warranty due to the nature of the failure.  My statement was..  "Oh well, everything can’t be covered by a warranty but what the hell is a balance belt?”  

I knew my owner’s manual very well and nowhere is the maintenance schedule does it mention or call for a balance belt to be changed.  The dealership then explained they were almost sure that was it, but they would need a couple of more hours of labor to confirm what they were sure about.  Of course the extra labor would be at my expense and would be north of another $200.  I declined their kind offer.  As a note, the personnel at Orange Park Hyundai were polite even though it was their job to say NO.

I take issue with the failure of Hyundai to put this “balance belt” and its’ maintenance on the service schedule.  The owner’s manual points out the other drive belts from the timing belt, to Alt., w/pump, A/C belts, and so forth and the maintenance needed for each of them.  The manual makes no mention of the balance belt or any maintenance needed on it.  When I questioned the dealership personnel they stated "When doing a timing belt service our guys just 'know' it should be changed."

Hyundai’s negligence of not including the subject belt in the maintenance schedule is the direct cause of the premature ending of the life of the original car and cost me a ton of grief and a fair amount of money paying a service garage to replace the engine.

If a company makes it impossible to benefit from a warranty they offer to get you to buy the car, should you even consider buying the car?  Let’s face it; many people buy a Hyundai because of the warranty.  The warranty is part of the product.  

If you wish to consider a Hyundai for your next car, do your due diligence and research what people have experienced with Hyundai’s “America’s Best Warranty”, you might be saving yourself a bunch of money and heartache when you choose not to buy a Hyundai product.

The following are from the web, to see origional website click here

Regina of Las Vegas, NV December 8, 2009

The dealership (Metro Hyundai) where I originally bought my car has been sold. I was referred to someone named Susan. this office refuses to give me a copy of my extended warranty. I was told that after a copy is sent out, no more are ever sent out! They claim to have sent the warranty out to an address where I have not resided for over 5 years. Susan said that she was going to ask permission to send to me a sample of the warranty, but I find it absolutely RIDICULOUS that a company where I spent money refuses to give me a copy of what I paid for! 

It sounds very shady and makes me believe they are trying to shirk their obligation. I'd like to know the contents of my extended warranty!!

Judy of Mesquite, TX November 15, 2009

My 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe broke down while I was on vacation, July 3, 2009. I was stranded on the freeway out of state with my granddaughter and it was a holiday weekend. When I contacted the closest Hyundai dealership, they said that they would be closed before I could get the car there and that they would not be able to look at it until the following week. Based on my circumstances, I contacted another shop that would take the car that day (although it was closing time, they agreed to wait until the tow truck arrived). As it turned out, the tension pulley that the timing belt is attached to had broke causing the timing belt to break. 

Resulting damage was so severe that the entire motor had to be replaced. After the repairs, totaling over 3000 were done, I wrote a 3 page letter to the Consumer Affairs department at Hyundai. They contacted me and basically said there was nothing that could be done. Their excuse was that I did not use "genuine Hyundai parts" when I had the regular 60,000-mile maintenance work done. In the letter I wrote to them, I did not ask for anything but just stated that I thought they should do something. They did not so much as apologize. Perhaps they were afraid that I would take that as an admission of guilt. The attitude of the person I spoke with, ticked me off so bad, that I then called and asked for a supervisor. The supervisor assured me that she would look into the situation and call me back. I faxed her additional paperwork that she requested. I never heard back from her. After waiting over 2 weeks, I called again and was told that the records reflected that she had left me a message telling me that Hyundai refused to do anything. I never received any such message. 

I purchased a Hyundai after a lot of research and because the warranty was one of the best available. The warranty is worthless if they refuse to honor it. The car had about 91,000 miles on at the time this all took place and was still under their "supposedly" 100,000-mile warranty. Totally worthless obviously. If anyone is thinking Hyundai, I encourage him or her to think again. A great warranty is not worth the paper that it is written on, if the manufacture refuses to stand behind it. 

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Hyundai Warranty

August 19, 2005 

Hyundai warrenty is very misleading!!!!I I have a 2003 Accent and at 56,000 miles the transmission failed. I was on a small day trip with my family and had the car towed to the closest hyundai dealer. I rented a car to continue the trip, thinking it would be covered under the hyundai roadside assistance insurance. WRONG!!!! I then found out that the transmission would not be covered and it would cost 2400 to fix the cheap car!! I HAD THE TRANSMISSION FLUID CHANGED AT 31000 MILES AS STATED IN THE WARRANTY, AND HAVE THE RECEIPT BUT

I have been trying to deal unsuccessfully with Hyundai about a failed transmission in a 2003 Accent. We were on a family daytrip and my transmission failed. I had the car towed tithe nearest Hyundai dealer and rented a car to continue the trip. Meanwhile the garage calls and ask if we have ever had the car's transmission serviced. At that point we do not have any of the records with us an are unsure of what exactly has been done. Savage Auto , Pottstown, Pa. said that it would not be covered. Upon coming home we looked at our records and had proof that the transmission fluid was changed by an independent garage at the suggested mileage. Hyundai refused to pay for the transmission. I dealt with service managers from the garage where my car was, and where I bought the car. I faxed my receipt to both. The district service manager of the Pottstown area refused to provide written documentation of why the arrant was not valid. All he said was that I didn't pay enough for my ATF and it was not the proper kind. HE HUNG UP ON ME AND HAS NEVER GIVEN ME ANYTHING IN WRITING!!! After working my war up the chain of command in the dealership where the car was purchased, After two weeks, originally is was six, I am going to pick up my car. They were willing to fix it for a cost of $1600, plus I had to have my car towed just under 100 miles(thank goodness for good old AAA) and had to pay for the rental car because Hyundai will not honor the warranty. Hyundai consumer complaints could not help me and the service reps where just plain RUDE. The manager of my Hyundai / ford dealership was the only one who helped at all. The others just ran me in a circle as to who's responsibility it was to get of.key. to fix the car

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Mislead and Shafted
12/17/2009 Little Rock AR

Hyundai does not honor their commitment to warranty their vehicles. Their salespeople are misleading when selling the vehicle and its' warranty. They look for loop holes to avoid fully repairing your vehicle. One loop hole is if you don't get specific service at a certain mileage...if something happens to your vehicle they will tell say it is because you didn't have that specific service done.....can you tell me...does a timing belt have anything to do with a sensor light that did not activate causing sever overheating to the point of melting the radiator? Hyundai thinks so.....good thing the Customer Service Manager at corporate headquarters is not a mechanic...he just thinks he is.

2008 Hyundai Santa Fe Brake Failure
2/1/2009 Salem OR

I just bought a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe. At only 3000 miles my brakes failed in a parking lot and sent me into a chain link fence. I had it towed to the dealership and they could not find anything wrong and said the warranty could not be used. I have pulled other complaints about this same problem with this same vehicle off the internet. It doesn't matter to Hyundai and they want me to use my insurance to fix the Santa Fe. What if somebody died! I could have been on the freeway! 

As it was I was in an Elementary school's parking lot, (would if my car killed a child)? When will Hyundai stand by their warranty? Can anyone help me?

Timing Belt Issues - Beware!
4/7/2008 AZ

I purchased a 2002 Accent. A principle reason was because the touting of the 100,000 mi/10 year warranty. The salesman never said anything about the 60,000 service. Now at 63,000mi my timing belt broke. After contacting the dealer I have discovered that without the service visit they won't cover anything... and so I paid to have it towed to Aamco. They replaced the belt for 284.00 but the engine is dead so for about 4000.00 they will rebuild my engine! The car isn't worth that much. So until I figure out what to do I am driving my daughters '96 Toyota (at 158,000mi). 

So---Watch that warranty!
​E-Mailed February 24, 2016

Please share this post. Please BE WARNED !!!, if you are planning to buy a Hyundai, make sure the car has the equipment you truly want, the salesman will lie and tell you it has features your looking for that it does not have. I was a victim of lies from Springfield Hyundai. And if you think the Hyundai corporation will back you up. Think again, all they say is they don't control the dealers. I say BULLSHIT. These dealers are underhanded they use very high pressure tactics, hound you with calls, texts and emails. If you go to look at one, DO NOT give them your phone number or email address !!!

***Blessed Be***

E-mailed to us on October 12, 2015

Hey There,

I too have had an awful experience with Hyundai Motors. Here is the post I am beginning to post all over FB and all over every review board I can find:

My car broke down on me in June with just around 40K on the odometer supposedly due to issues with the hybrid system which gradually turned into issues with power and acceleration. The car has not been fixed and I am still driving it today, October 10th. I have brought my car in for repairs on 5 different occasions. Once I was told nothing was wrong and the other 4 times they fixed something on the car but the car was never actually fixed and would break down again 1-2 days after I got it back. During this whole fixing process I have been put in awful stock rental cars after having to wait at numerous car rental shops when I was told there would be a rental waiting for me at the dealership (there never was). I have had my car sitting at the dealership, untouched for over a week with no contact by the dealer while I drove one of the awful rental cars around all day only to get my car back a week later still not running properly. I was told time and time again that this was a "one in a million" occurrence, that these things never happen with new Sonatas! 

After doing my own research, especially on such sites as, I beg to differ. It seems like these things happen quite often with the newer Hyundai vehicles. Hyundai USA eventually decided to stop allowing the dealership to spend any more money trying to fix my car (no new engine or transmission allowed) and that's when I began dealing with corporate which has been the worst experience I could have ever imagined. I have talked to a live person probably a total of about 4-5 minutes through this whole lemon law process that began at the end of August. Leaving a message would result in a call back in 5-7 days usually. They always pushed their call back times to the limit while I was stuck driving a powerless car just waiting to hear back from a Hyundai representative. It took the representative over a week just to ASK the dealership for my repair records and then a couple more weeks before she sent everything in to corporate. They have a certain number of days that they "legally" need to respond to lemon law cases and they definitely push this to the VERY LAST DAY. I figured driving a dangerous car would get them to respond to my concerns quicker but they could have cared less. Once I finally received a letter I was offered a "buyback", not a replacement since this is not required by law. Hyundai only does exactly what is required of them by law so that they do not get sued and so that they are able to pay as little as possible for the broken car that they sold you.  

This awful experience that I have been going through should require some sort of human response from the company instead of just 2 actual semi- informative voicemails and ONE letter from corporate. This letter with the buyback deal had no actual numbers, it just stated that I would be charged some mileage fee for EACH MILE DRIVEN (that I had to research myself to figure out since no one ever talks to me), that they would not be reimbursing me for any money that I put into the too bad you loved this car and did everything you could to keep it running properly and look beautiful...and that I would be charged for any damage to the car. Then they asked me to sign and send it back to complete the process. WHAT?! How do I know what they consider damage and how much they'll charge for it? On top of that, all the extra money I put into the car is being ignored (tinted windows, 4 brand new tires I purchased just a week before all this went down, the $400 maintenance at 35K that Hyundai forces you to do so this "warranty" can be upheld), all the time spent driving to and from Roseville each time I had to drop off and pick up the car, the time lost from work for both myself and Brian who had to drive with me, time spent standing in line waiting for rental cars, not to mention the stress of having to drive this broken car since they decided that it is not fixable back in August. On top of all of that, if I had known I had bought a broken car and would be penalized for driving it I would have driven it much more economically and had Brian drive his cars whenever we went somewhere instead. So my $350/month payment was pretty much going towards leasing this car when I had wrongly assumed that I was in the process of purchasing the car. And now I am left with nothing. My "buyback" that they offered me will not even give me enough for a down payment on a new car so I would be left with nothing to drive once I give this car back under their conditions. In the end, I would love for this company to just fix my car or give me a car that ACTUALLY WORKS. I bought a new car from what I thought was a decent company so that I could own this car for 200K plus miles and use it for my business that requires me to drive on a daily basis. My family and I have owned Hyundais for years and have loved the cars but have never had to deal with the actual company until I unfortunately purchased a lemon. The Hyundai corporation is horrid to deal with and does not care about the satisfaction of its loyal customers. I should have researched the reputation of this company before purchasing the car but naively I had faith in "America's Best Warranty" to take care of me if anything should go wrong. 

The worst part about the whole thing is that I will no longer be able to support this company nor buy their cars in the future now that I have realized how awful they are to deal with should anything go wrong. I am currently just one person again this awful corporation and thus all of my complaints have fallen on deaf ears. Reading other people's reviews on this company and how the have dealt with consumers and their warranty it seems as if this happens quite frequently. Hyundai will do everything in their power to get out of honoring their warranty and if they states laws force them to do something, they will be sure to do as little as possible no matter what their loyal customer has gone through. Complaints to this corporation are quite often ignored and they are completely fine with losing customers if it will save them a few thousand bucks. I also must warn everyone to not buy a Hyundai purely based off of this warranty as I was so naive to do. If you plan on buying a Hyundai due to the car's safety/reliability ratings, do your research first as I should have. Hyundai's cars have gotten much worse in the last few years with tons of engine issues (such as cars just turning off on the freeway), issues with their "new technology", lies about the their mileage, and recall after recall. Thank you for reading, and even if Hyundai decides to still not make things right in this case, hopefully I am able to help prevent someone from going through this awful experience themselves.


E-Mailed to us on August 13, 2015

After Oldsmobile folded in the early 2000's my parents who were tried and true loyal customers had to move towards a different brand. After much research they landed on Hyundai for the affordability, sleek styling and "great" warranty. The first vehicle they purchased was a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS, first foreign car, as well as first SUV they ever owned. At first it seemed to be a great car, but as time bore on they started having issues like: the rear axle was cracked, the computer was bad, and the transmission was slipping. The warranty covered all of these things and my parents attributed it to the fact that we were all in High School, learning to drive and were just rough on it. Come 2009, time for a new ride! Mom hands down her 2004 to my Dad and purchases a 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe SE. For the first 3 years, she had no problems with it what-so-ever until she noticed her gas gauge was reading at 3/4 of a tank every time she filled it. She took it in with 97,000 miles on it, the guy looked at it and said that it was in fact a warranty issue and that it would be taken care of. Well, it wasn't. Flash forward a year and the vehicle now has 115,000 miles and the same issue, lo-and-behold it is not longer under warranty, even the this new part/repair/labor had an additional warranty, if only to touch on the fact that it was an on going issue. Mom decides that it is just having problems because they drive it so much so she trades it in to get a brand new 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.0T. All seems right with the world, finally, the car runs like a dream; for 3 months. Her ongoing issues have been her power driver seat continues to break mechanically and structurally, her proximity key works when it wants too, and the air conditioning stopped working,the pumps on the tailgate have failed, and Blue Link not recognizing her vehicle. This vehicle was not cheap, and has major issues that Hyundai is choosing to ignore. 

Not having learned from my parents mistakes, in 2011 I hit a deer with my tried and true 2002 Oldsmobile Alero and had to buy a new car. Being in the midst of Grad School I thought best to lease a vehicle. I went to the sister company of Hyundai, Kia and leased a brand new 2012 Kia Forte EX. With the exception of my sunroof needing replaced within 4 months, I had not a single problem with the vehicle and actually quite liked it. Flash forward to 2015, lease is up, time for a new car. I upgraded (so I thought) to a 2015 Hyundai Elantra Limited. I traded my Kia in swapped keys and I was on my way. Well, I hate this car. The lining of my front wheel well has broken welds and my car is RUSTING! I can't believe it! It is 8 months old! Ridiculous. I took it to the dealership, and complained and they offered to put touch up paint. What the hell would that do? Not stop the rust! So, I am fighting with the dealership to get this fixed, and I notice my driver seat is broken. take this in, find out one of the bolts mounting it to the floor is broken, they won't replace it unless I pay $200. I am still arguing with that. 

Furthermore, about 3 weeks ago I received a call from a debt collector representing Hyundai Motor Finance, I was immediately taken aback, and jumped online to provide proof of my car payments. However it wasn't in reference to this vehicle, it was in reference to my Kia Forte. They said they tried to contact me numerous times, sent letters, emails, the whole shebang to tell me that I owed $2514.23 for the refurbishment of my Kia Forte. Now, I knew that the carpets needed cleaned, but I could carpet my whole house for that much money and still have some left. Come to find out that my car was "inspected" by a 3rd party, 3.5 weeks after I turned it in and they found body damage! How can you pin that on me? My car was sitting on the dealers lot for 3.5 weeks and this company found damage? No sir, not my issue. We had body work done on that vehicle when my fiance was hit in it. (She was ok!) We had it done at a reputable Hyundai/Kia certified body shop. I was up front with them when I turned it in, providing receipts and all paperwork, including police report. The debt collector recommended that I call Hyundai direct to try and gain information. Gina in the Recovery department seemed extremely helpful, saying my account was put on hold and they were contacting the dealership and that this is their issue to pay. Once they pay they will contact the credit bureau to have the blemish removed from my credit. Said this takes 10 days. Yesterday (day 10) I received a call from the Debt Collector asking what was going on, I told her everything and she said Hyundai never did any of that. I called Gina back and got Jesse who was beyond incompetent,but he did confirm that nothing had been done, and my account is still in collections. I have yet to receive any sort of statement or repair list for stuff that was done to my vehicle. 

I will NEVER buy/lease/rent/consider another Hyundai/Kia vehicle again in my life. Horrible vehicles, horrible customer service. 

Please anybody who reads this, learn from all of our mistakes, and DO NOT BUY/LEASE/RENT/CONSIDER a NEW or USED Hyundai/Kia

-Pissed off in Cleveland.

Louis March 25th 2015

We have a professionals view!

I have been in the car repair business for more than 25 years and they are selling them because of the gadgets and electronics. They have a long way to go to reach Toyota.

Last week l got into a sonata brand new and the rearview mirror vibrates a lot it gets on your nerve and l drove the car for 5 minutes.


We have a letter!  I did not just put a link to it as no one looks at links.  This letter to Hyundai should be read.  The copy is below.  Sent on May 05, 2014 to us, these people are classy, but pissed.  Pissed for good reason.  Welcome our Canadian friends.  Sorry you had to join us, but nice to meet you. - The Boozeman


Steve ********
President and CEO
Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.
** Frontenac Drive
Markham, Ontario 
Canada L3R6H2

RE: APPALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE (Hyundai of Regina—*** S Broad Street, Regina, SK)
2011 Sonata (VIN #5NPEB4AC7***********)
Dear Sir/Madam:

I’m writing to inform you of my continuing negative experiences at your Saskatchewan location Hyundai of Regina. 

The Hyundai of Regina service manager and employees are far from professional. They are rude, abrupt and in no mood to listen to requests, and in the end either providing incorrect information or leaving me waiting to hear from “head office”. The Regina service manager was clearly upset with me when he discovered that I had driven to their “competition” in Saskatoon (an additional 3-hours) to have a recall dealt with. My experience at the Saskatoon dealership—I might add was extremely positive—they were helpful, polite and professional.

The service center has diagnosed my “Check Engine Light” by phone stating that since the light is solid and not flashing—don’t worry about it. I was told on another occasion it was the gas cap and not to worry about it.

Most recently (21-Mar-14), my car was booked in at 10:00 am for a “Check Engine Light” diagnosing the problem as the oxygen sensor. I waited at the dealership until 2:00 pm. They did not bother to notify me that the work had not been completed—or even started. Knowing I was from out of town, they did not offer a courtesy car or even a ride. When I asked the service manager if he could call a taxi for me—he became angry. Being stranded an hour away from home, I was forced to call family members in Weyburn for a ride back home and was without my vehicle for six days. What should normally have been a 2-hour replacement, took 6-days to repair and interestingly, the “Check Engine Light” came back on while returning home from the service center on the 27th.

Additionally, I have been attempting to have the flaking clear-coat on the front end corrected for well over nine-months. The dealership has told me NOT to wash my vehicle until they can look at it. When they finally got me in, the service manager took a photo and told me he would call me. After repeated attempts to find out the progress of this warranty work, the service manager responded “That’s Hyundai for you!” IS THIS TRUE?

When making a major purchase consumers need to know that Hyundai stands behind its products—it is an extremely important promise to make. Customer service is essential in this competitive market and businesses need to focus on it.

Overall I like my vehicle and I still feel I made a good purchase. However, I am highly dissatisfied with the services provided by Hyundai of Regina. I would like to have these issues with my car settled and would appreciate if you contact me immediately so this matter an be resolved.

Matthew **************

cc: Better Business Bureau
*** Albert Street
Regina, SK S4R2P7

Better Business Bureau
*** Charles Street, East
Kitchener, ON N2G4L5

E-Mailed to us April 10, 2014

I bought my Veloster in August 2013 we'll since then I've had to have their so called great touch screen stereo /navigation system replaced 3 times. The paint on this car is the worse I have ever seen there are so many flaws and no matter what you wipe it with it scratches. I went to the dealer and service manager took pictures then he supposedly sent them to Hyundai. We'll after all this they tell me the paint is due to rock chips (BULL) and that this is what the service manager had decided in all Don't trust the service people they will throw you under the BUS so that they don't have to do anything. So now just waiting to see what falls apart next!!!

Sent from Shauna

E-Mailed to us August 07, 2013

Hi, I bought my 2009 elantra touring in 2011 from a certified Hyundai dealer who told me the 10 year 100,000 was transferrable. It has had random problems. Battery dying, lights going on dashboard. I've had to take it in many times in not even 2 years. (BTW, my mom has bought 7 cars from this Myrtle Beach Hyundai dealer) I moved and went to Napleton Hyundai because 2 lights came on, one being the airbag light, again, and the other the tire sensor. So, of course the airbag light was because of broken wiring under the passenger seat, he said maybe from 1st owner. Whatever, had to pay $65 for that. They reset the tire sensor light. I leave, go home. Later start car and tire sensor light comes back on. That night I go to move my car from driveway to visitor space right behind other space and put car in park and it starts lurching and rolling backward while in park. I put it in drive and go forward, put in in park again and it does the same thing. I had to put the emergency brake on to hold it in place. I call Hyundai and they can't take it till Thursday that's 2 1/2 days without a car, and to top it all off says warranty not going to cover anything. I am so friggin pissed off right now. I am not working and who the hell knows how much this is going to cost. This car has been a mistake from the get go and I am sorry I bought this car. It is my first and last Hyundai. I cannot believe that this company is allowed to do this shit. I have read more reports today than I care to. Very disappointing! Why doesn't the government get involved to protect us, the consumers? How is this legal? They lure you in with their warranty and then don't honor it. This is a discusting practice and needs to stop!
Thanks for the blog...


E-Mailed to us on March 10, 2013

Alot of people are talking about the big lie Hyundai used to increase sales.  I don't know if it came from Korea or the greedy US Division came up with it, but I am very dissapointed.  Like some others, I'm not as upset about the mileage as I am about feeling screwed.  I work hard for my money and do alot of research before I purchase a new vehicle.  I owned a 2003 Sonata that made me feel they made a quality product, and the 2011 Elantra was priced at $18,400 on their web site, along with the $1000 customer loyalty discount, it would be the perfect car for my 16 year old daughter.  When I get to the dealer, they're in such demand  (because of the mileage lie), I had to wait till June when the 2012's came out, then they tacked on a $1995 market parity adjustment, and customer loyalty discount doesn't apply to the Elantra. So I paid $21500. I feel like a sap.  Every day when I go out to the driveway, I am reminded of how your company took advantage of me.  When I took it in for the mileage check, I talked to the salesman about turning it in for another car, the dealer (Jenkins of Leesburg, Florida) has a Volkswagon lot next door. My daughter and I agreed to trade it in until we were told it was only worth $12000.  Wow, do I feel screwed.  Will I ever buy another Hyundai ?  What do you think ?
 E-mailed to us on June 06, 2012

Fairfax Hyundai informed me that a rodent of some type ATE THROUGH the cable that connects my ABS! And I will be out $500.00 to repair it. Rodents are attracted to Soy, and Hyundai deliberately uses it becauseit is cheaper. Hyundai said that the warranty does not cover rodent
damage because it is an act of nature---but Hyundai put BAIT into my car--a 2010 Sonata. What a crock! Also, the calipers got stuck on the rear brakes and they said that that is "Normal wear and tear" -- even though the front brakes are perfect for a 2 year old car with merely
34,000 miles. Hyundai isn't just a rice burner, it is Rat Bait.

Jennifer E. Roberts--Virginia

E-Mailed to us on December 30, 2011

For anyone thinking of buying a Hyundai- THINK AGAIN - they make the buying process way to hard and have the worst customer service! I live in Southeastern MA and was looking to purchase a 2012 Sonata SE.

First, I visited First Hyundai in North Attleboro where the sales manager said to me "I have credit cards older than you. I'm not going to haggle with you." These comments are disgustingly rude and ageist and I encourage consumers not to buy here for this reason.

Second, I spoke with Empire Hyundai out of Fall River. The rep Mandy never did anything that she said that she was going to do even a simple thing like call me when she said she would. In addition, after two weeks of me calling them I find out from another sales person that they didn't even have the car I want- what a frustrating waste of my

Third, I contacted Bernardi Hyundai though email. They quoted me a low price but when it came to me asking to come in and test drive it they were never heard from again and stated that they couldn't stand behind their own online department quote when I called the dealership.

Next I went to Clay Hyundai - where they told me straight out they couldn't get me what I wanted. Lastly, I was working with Route 44 Hyundai out of Taunton. They said they could get me what I wanted and that they would have it on their lot in 6 days- give or take two days. 11 days later still no car - or even a courtesy call. This is where
the crummy customer service started. When I contacted them they said "Well we've waited anywhere from two weeks to a month for a car and it SHOULD come in by the end of the month" Well then why tell me some bogus time frame they can't guarantee? If they had told me this before I wouldn't have put down a deposit. If I don't get a call from them tomorrow 12/31 to pick up the car I'm getting my money back and going straight over to Nissan to buy an Altima. 

I have also contacted the corporate 1-800 customer service number to tell them the above. All they did was listen and give me a weak sorry. On top of it I also wanted to buy a 2012 Tucson for my husband but with all of these
experiences I said forget it lets get you a Subaru Forester instead.

Oh and another thing - people reading this might think I wanted some fancy specialty car- nope- just a regular 2012 Sonata SE - Red body/black interior. Really Hyundai is this how you do business and treat customers? I will be posting this everywhere I can.

E-Mailed to us on September 21, 2011

I have 2006 Accent that Hyundai refuses to repair the exhaust on.  The exhaust issue came up in April of 2011, two months before the warranty expired.

The dealer replaced a flex pipe and oxygen sensor, and claimed the problem was fixed.

In August of 2011 the problem resurfaced and it turned out, the vehicle now needs a new centre resonator pipe and over axle pipe.  I've had a mechanic look at the car, and he stated that 
these components have been in a degraded state for some time.

Looks like Hyundai Canada is refusing to admit that anything was missed at this stage.


E-Mailed to us on June 24th 2011

Hello, my name is Brent Cathcart, and in 2009 I purchased a 2005 certified pre-owned Hyundai Tucson, from priority Honda on Battlefield blvd, in Chesapeake Va. On August 28, 2010 the vehicle I purchased broke down on the side of the interstate while my wife and my one week old daughter were on their way to a doctors appointment. I then had to pay for the vehicle to be towed to the dealership, to be inspected, and learned that the thermostat was defective and caused the engine to overheat and the head gasket to blow, resulting in a high dollar engine tear down and many parts to be repaired. Priority says that they have an engines for life guarantee, and that if your vehicle breaks down as a result of the failure of any lubricated part they will fix it at no charge. After several days of being jerked around by the service center, they finally came up with a description of what had happened to cause the vehicle to break, and go figure, it was not a lubricated part, so I was forced to pay for $1,900.00 of repairs, on a vehicle I had purchased not even a year prior. Currently I have drove to Barnegat NJ, for my yearly vacation, on June, 17 2011, with a plan to drive to Penn, on the 18th to attend a family reunion, and return to Barnegat to enjoy the rest of my week long vacation. While driving to Penn I was exiting the highway less than two miles from the reunion, the vehicle overheated and once again left my wife, daughter, and myself stranded on the side of a highway, over 800 miles from home. I was then forced to skip the reunion and have my vehicle towed 200 miles to a Hyundai dealership in Barnegat  where I was staying, thus costing nearly $600.00 for a tow. I then had to pay for a rental car to get back to NJ, and for the whole week of my vacation. I then contacted priority to see if they were going to help me out with any of the cost and they said no, due to the fact that they had not received confirmation that the truck had been inspected by Hyundai, and validated that it was In fact the head gasket which is covered under a one year 1200 mile warranty. So now 5 days later the vehicle has been inspected, and in fact they have confirmed that it is again a head gasket failure. I have been told now, that I will have to pay for the engine to be torn down, and seek reimbursement from priority once they validate that the failure is a result of one of the repairs I previously paid for, less than 8 months ago. I am refusing to pay for this tear down, because let's face it I don't have any money to do so, because of all of the tows and repairs we have already paid for. I have now been left with no other option, except to try and contact Dennis Elmer, the owner of priority, to get some help, in addition I have to be back home to go to work, on this coming Monday, and have to continue to pay for a rental car to go home. Also I will have to pay to drive all the way back to NJ to pick the vehicle up, once it is fixed. This is ridiculous, I have gone above and beyond the call of duty as a customer. I cannot understand why I have bought a vehicle, less than a year later it breaks down, and I pay out of pocket to fix it, and then less than a year later the car breaks down with the same problem, and I pay to have it towed everywhere, and now I have to pay to have it fixed again? What is the point in them giving you any kind of guarantee if they just spit in your face. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with, and I plan to take this issue to the local media, when I get home, in order to expose this fraud, and save others a whole lot of frustration. Thanks for your time, and if you have not learned anything else from this blog, DO NOT, DO NOT, BUY A HYUNDAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the website:

My car broke down and was in the Hyundai shop for about 6 months. So long because the company refused to accept their 10 year/100,000 mile warranty. The Hyundai repair place was going to sell the car at auction. I called the Huynai loan company and told them what they were going to do and they went and picked the car up at the repair shop and they in turn sold the car at Auction for a little over $4,000.00. I have all the repair receipts for old change, etc, they should have fixed the car (they said it had sludge in the engine). They also refused for 5 months to give me a written estimate of what was wrong with the car.

Lise of Syracuse, NY Aug. 4, 2010 

While visiting a friend in Tulsa as I live in Rogers, AR the sub-frame assembly broke in half in heavy traffic. After contacting Hyundai about my problem they told me since my car was now not registered in the "salt belt" even though I bought the car in "the salt belt" and now live in Rogers, AR 60 miles to the south, they told me to basically to go pound sand. My cost to get the sub-frame replaced was $1100 plus $175 towing charges.

I would like to get back the money I spent repairing Hyundai's obvious cheap sub-frame and my towing charges, let alone the issue of having almost crashed in heavy traffic.

Brian of Rogers, AR Nov. 21, 2010 

According to people in the paint industry, Hyundai intentionally applies a very thing coat of paint to their cars, and then give only a three year warranty, knowing the paint will begin to fail the latter part of the fourth year. 

Complaints to them have resulted in a "go fly a kite" response.

eugene of Oakland, CA Nov. 12, 2

I own a 2003 Hyundai Elantra. While driving to work my husband had the engine/oil light came on. As such, he took it to get an oil change. When this was done, all of the oil drained again and it was all over the place therefore making the car undriveable. We called our mechanic to have the car towed because we did not know what the issue was. 

After diagnosing the issue, it was the oil seal crank shaft, which in turn, due to all of the oil lost, the timing was covered in oil and we had to replace the water pump. After researching further, we were made aware that the engine was covered under warranty, however, the car was already apart and the engine was out. We were advised we could send the paperwork, cancelled check and registration to Hyundai after contacting their consumer affairs division. They would review and make a good faith effort to try to reimburse for the covered part. 

AFter 2 - 3 weeks of requesting information, I called today, 11/8/10 to only be told they would not reimburse for anything as I did not take it or tow it to a dealer. I am truly disappointed and disgusted with the way hyundai treats its consumers. This is not the first time I have had an issue with them and they were of no assistance. There was a recall due to their own issue with plugs not being installed in the under frame and had our vehicle for a week. They did not supply a rental and the dealer we used told us he was in a business to make money, not lose money when we asked for a loaner vehicle.

I have never experienced an organization of this size or caliber who treats their customers this way. I will NEVER buy a hyundai product again and will be sure to tell anyone I know that is interested in buying one, my experience with them. 

Evelyn of Willow Grove, PA Nov. 8, 2010 

I have a 2002 Hyundai Sonata, I went to put gas in last week and it would not take the gas. The pump kept kicking off.

Upon research on line this seems to be a problem with these cars. Repair was stated around $700.00. I feel that the company should take care of this. 

What good is the car if you can't put gas in it. 

DOUGLAS of PALM BAY, FL Nov. 1, 2010 

I recently returned my Hyuandi for end of lease.My car was inspected prior to turn in and was found to have no damage and no charges were issued.So a few days ago i got a letter in the mail that said i owed them $400.I called them and they said the charge was because i did not buy or lease another Hyuandi.They also said it was in the contract when i signed my lease start up at the Dealership.

So heres my question.Is this ethical or even legal.I also think this could be even prejudice as i will decide what vehicle i want to buy.


george of reno, NV Oct. 4, 2010 

Bought a used 2004 Hyundia Sante FE LX recently after reading reviews it seemed like a good buy. After driving it a short time I noticed a grinding sound and decided to investigate... The culprit was a worn seal & bearing on the rear pinion, no big deal, so I thought! This would normally be a common wear/maintenance item and can be easily repaired in under 2 hours for less than $60 on MOST any car.

After several trips to the dealer with tem getting the wrong part we discovered the REAL problem. Hyundia doesn't make the traction control unit, its made by Borg Warner. After 3 days of phone calls I reached Borg Warner only to be told that they have a license agreement with Hyundai and are not allowed to sell any replacement parts to the public, how nice!

The ONLY solution is to buy the ENTIRE traction Control Module for the modest sum of $695 in order to replace the $20 bearing and the $8 seal!! If I take the SUV to the dealer & have them perform te work it will cost the tidy sum of over $1200! All this expense to repair a COMMON wear item that should cost under $30 and can be done by any back yard mechanic. What a rip off!! Hyundia may be getting a great market share now but decisions like this one will more than likely bring them back to reality I hope. Great vehicle UNTIL YOU HAVE TO FIX IT!!! OUCH!

Wayne of Chenango Forks, NY Sept. 22, 2010 

Bought a new 2009 hyundai accent. Clutch went out at 29000 miles and again at 31000. Hyundai is giving me a lot of double talk. At first they said clutch went out due to driving, later said another part damaged it. Do not want to honor their warranty and are changing their story on what went wrong with car. They also did not honor their roadside assistance according to their deal.

david of charlotte , NC Sept. 4, 2010

I am the owner of a 2003 Hyundai Accent GLI. At approximately 124,000 Kilometers (about 75,000 miles) I suffered a catastrophic automatic transmission failure. The transmission shop informed me that the failure was as a result of a defective internal part in the transmission. It was an expensive fix and I petitioned Hyundai to assist me with the costs but received a dismissive and anonymous email from Hyundai informing me that I have to expect that mechanical parts wear out and that they couldn't be sure how I may or may not have abused the transmission so they wouldn't be helping me with the costs. 

I contend that in spite of documented and regular maintenance the part failed because it was defective, not because it was abused. The mechanic told me that I should have expected more durability and longevity from the transmission and that the regular maintenance that was performed would not have prevented the failure of a defective part. I believe that a consumer would reasonably expect a transmission to last longer than this one did and therefore Hyundai should have helped with the replacement of the transmission. 

I would urge any consumer to do their homework and petition other Hyundai owners concerning their customer service experiences with Hyundai Motor Corporation before they purchase one of their vehicles. I paid $2000 to have a used transmission installed in the car. A rebuilt would have been in the order of $3500.

George of Sooke, BC Aug. 28, 2010

Hyundai refuses to warranty known defective clutch assembly. Attention 2004 Tiburon owners who are having the same flywheel and clutch issues as 2003 owners. I have made contact with an attorney to start a class action suit. I am having to pay the full cost of the repair (over $1,000). 

Charles of Mustang, OK Aug. 13, 2010 

While returnign from office on 20 West Highway, the car just stopped and I was lucky enough to get it to the side on the busy Higway. Later on Wednesday I towed the vehicle to a Downtown garage and came to know the engine has got siezed. The car is not 10 Years old and its 96000 miles. Did not touch 100000 also. 

Antony of Dubuque, IA July 26, 2010 

"THE HYUNDAI INCENTIVE?" July 21st, 2010 THINKING ABOUT BUYING A HYUNDAI? Here is something you should know before you buy! Hyundai did "Not" Honor their 100,000 Mile Power train Warranty on my car! Let me be perfectly clear! I am not writing this to say anything bad about Hyundai, I'm just telling you of my "True" Hyundai experience. I am simply telling my true story, and how I was treated. 

I own a 2007 Hyundai (Pronounced "Hun-Day") Tuscon. Most of the reason I purchased the car was because of the warranty. The salesman said the car came with a 100,000 mile, bumper to bumper warrenty. (Silly me, I believed him) At 92,000 miles, I took the car to Randy Wise Auto Mall in Flint, MI, because it was making a strange noise. They said it was some part I'd never heard of, but having to do with where the drive shaft meets the transmission. To Randy Wise's credit, they assumed that it was covered under the 100,000 mile warranty, and was shocked to find out that Hyundai wouldn't cover it. They said the repair would cost me $1,400.00. 

They gave me a number to call Hyundai directly. I called and was connected with a very "smug" sounding woman. She said they would "Not" pay to repair the car. I remineded her of the warranty, and pointed out that the part that needed replacing, was indeed a part of the power train. This woman rudely said that it was "not" covered, and if I will look in the manual that came with the car, it says that only certain parts of the power train are covered. (not what the salesman told me) 

I told her that I did not purchase the manual first and "then" buy the car, the manual came "with" the car and that the salesman specifically said: "100,000 mile - Bumper to Bumper warranty! At that point I asked to speak to a supervisor! She said she could "not" transfer me to anyone. (Yea Right) To be fair, Randy Wise Auto Mall treated me fairly and were as shocked as I was that Hyundai would not cover the warranty. Randy Wise sells American made cars also. 

However, If you buy a Hyundai, you may run the risk of being treated like I was. (Chances are good as I am no one special, just a fool who was silly enough to purchase one of their automobiles) Maybe in Korea where these cars are made, they purchase the manual first before they buy the car, but here in America, we tend to take the salesman at their word when they say "100,000 mile - Bumper to Bumper Warranty". This car has required Too Many Repairs for it's age. Next time I will BUY AMERICAN! 

Dan of Flint, MI July 21, 2010 

I was told by my repair shop that I needed a new transmission for my 2002 elantra. since the warrantry was still in effective. I took the car to ne. auto outlet grant and academy rds. in phila., pathey wanted 95.00 for a diagnostic test that I refused to pay and left then I went to where I bought the car burns hyundai rt. 70 marlton n.j. told the same thing no new transmission got some double talk but agreed to what was needed it started at1400.00 was called and told additional work at 400.00 was needed I agreed waited all day 

7-16 given a rental car left called the next day was told the car would not be ready till around 2:30 stopped by at 2:30 was told it would it would be another 15 or 20 mins that turned into two hours was then given double talk about the computer was'nt connecting with the module and the car was dangerous to drive come back next week 

I protested that I was now liable for the rental no I was told don't worry about it they would handle it I then asked what happens in case of an accident don't worry your insurance covers it why should my insurance pay for their responsiblety by then I was worn out from the upsetment and left what good is the warrantry if it will not be honored I'm in debt for 1800.00 at last count no telling what it will be next week.

Leo of philadelphia, PA July 17, 2010 

In March of 2010 my husband and I purchased a 2010 Hyundai Sonata. We first saw the car in the dark, test drove it in the dark, and did not complete the purchase until almost 10pm. The next morning as I was installing our two car seats in the back seat I noticed a hole in the leather. I called the dealership and was told that unless I had a repair order from the time of purchase it was not their problem. Upon further complaining I was told it would be taken care of, by this time the car has 1200 miles on it and the color is literally peeling off the leather on the front seat. I took it to the dealership several times, they took pictures and passed it off to their district manager to decide what was going to be done. I spent hours on the phone with Hyundai customer service and got nowhere. 

At one point I made the comment to the dealership that the guy was playing games and it was going to get to the point where he was going to say it was normal for the seat to show wear and tear. Now 4 months later, with less than 4000 miles on my car, they (the district rep and an engineer from hyundai)FINALLY looked at it and guess what, it is normal wear and tear. Everytime someone sits on the front passenger seat the color comes off on their clothes and Hyundai says this is perfectly acceptable in a BRAND NEW $30,000 car!!! I knew I should have spent more and got a Toyota or Honda. 

Kristen of Antelope, CA July 16, 2010